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Our story

EZ Slant is a product-based company created to address a common condition found in most people with foot and ankle medical conditions.  Several national studies have estimated that more than 90% of foot and ankle orthopedic issues involve tight calf muscles.

Founded by a Physical Therapist with more than 25 years experience, EZ Slant offers a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use design to improve compliance with calf-stretching exercises.

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Our design

Some studies have estimated that over 90% of foot, ankle and lower leg problems are caused by a tight calf muscle.

The EZ Slant was designed and developed with the user in mind. Made to be portable, durable, adjustable but most importantly to increase stretching compliance.

The EZ Slant HD is a heavy duty, aluminum product designed for ultimate durability and strength.  With a non-slip surface and four slant angles, the EZ Slant offers a great way to stretch your calf muscles.

The EZ Slant is safe and easy to use and can help prevent injuries, treat injuries and optimize performance and function. Get on board and stretch the right way with EZ Slant!

Why choose EZ Slant

  • Increase ankle range of motion to develop better squatting technique
  • Improve knee and hip posture with closed chain exercise
  • Take EZ Slant to the field, gym or track for pre and post exercise stretching
  • A must have piece that actually fits in your exercise “toolbox”
  • Stretch safely and recover from lower leg injuries faster
  • Treat multiple injuries more consistently with EZ Slant
  • Used by athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches
  • Do you work with patients and athletes in different settings? Take the EZ Slant with you
  • Avoid nagging foot and ankle conditions
  • Decrease risk of lower extremity injuries
  • Maintain daily function and optimize your quality of life

Meet our people

Paul Marquis, PT
Richard Ezzy

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