EZ Slant FAQs

How long should a person stretch their calves?

We recommend holding a stretch for at least 30 seconds for each leg for each repetition. Repeat 3 to 5 times per leg.

Can calf stretching help with treating plantar fasciitis?

Yes. A tight calf places a lot of strain on the bottom of the foot most often affecting the plantar fascia.  The EZ Slant is a great option to help with function and pain relief from plantar fasciitis.

Is it “OK” to stretch barefooted?

Stretching barefooted can be done but we recommend wearing a rubber soled shoe or sneaker. The top surface of the slant board has an anti-slip surface which can be a little rough on the feet.

Can stretching with the EZ Slant be used to prevent “Charley Horses”?

Absolutely! The calf muscle can “cramp up” especially at night because the muscle fibers becomes shortened. Stretching before going to bed has been found to be extremely helpful at preventing nighttime calf cramps.

Can tight calves can cause pain and sometimes numbness in the ball of the foot?

Yes!  The pressure under the forefoot increases when the calf is tight.  Use of a slant board can help alleviate forefoot pain and numbness.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our product please let know! We’d be happy to give you answers!

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