EZ Slant Meet the next generation of calf stretching slant boards!

Meet the next generation of calf stretching slant boards!

  • Tired of large bulky slant boards?
  • Do you have foot, ankle or lower leg pain?
  • Are nighttime calf cramps (Charlie Horses) keeping you up at night?
  • Want to improve your sports performance?
EZ Slant Calf Stretching Board

Less than 10 MINUTES a day on the EZ Slant can help…

  • Decrease pain from Plantar Fasciitis
  • Reduce night cramps (Charlie Horses) in your calves
  • Minimize calluses under your feet
  • Increase ankle range of motion and calf flexibility
  • Improve your ability to squat
Why EZ Slant for you


Prevention and Maintenance

* Avoid nagging foot and ankle conditions
* Decrease risk of lower extremity injuries
* Maintain daily function and optimize your quality of life

Functional Sports Performance

* Increase ankle range of motion to develop better squatting technique
* Improve knee and hip posture with closed chain exercise
* Take EZ Slant to the field, gym or track for pre and post exercise stretching
* A must have piece that actually fits in your exercise "toolbox"


* Stretch safely and recover from lower leg injuries faster
* Treat multiple injuries more consistently with EZ Slant
* Used by athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches
* Do you treat patients and athletes in different settings? Take the EZ Slant with you